About the Procore Channel

Procore is a software platform in the construction industry that creates a central collaboration hub for owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, and other project collaborators across the entire project lifecycle - from pre-development and bidding to project completion.

How to Connect

  1. On the My pipelines page, click Create a Pipeline.
  2. On the right side of the page, choose All to list all channels enabled for your realm. Make sure Procore is enabled.
  3. Expand Procore and click Connect to Procore.​

    You will see the window below where you should enter your Procore Company ID - The Company ID displays in the URL as a path parameter as shown in the following example: https://app.procore.com/112233445566/company/home/list

    After that you will be redirected to Procore and should grant permission to Pipelines.

You will now be able to see all of the Procore resources.

How to reconnect the Procore channel

You may need to reconnect your account to a channel. Reasons may be (but not limited to):

  • If you need to connect a different account.

  • Authorization updates, such as a changed password.

  • Editing the access rights that Pipelines has to the channel.

To reconnect:

  1. Select a pipeline that already has Procore in it.
  2. Open a step containing Procore.
  3. Under account, select Connect (or reconnect) and follow the process above, How to connect.


The steps you can use with Procore fall under eight categories: Companies, Projects, Companies (Vendors), Users, Roles, RFIs, Budget, and Company Offices.

Type Name Description
Query Search Companies Searches all Companies based on search criteria.
Trigger Project Created Triggers when a new Project is created.
Trigger Project Updated Triggers when a new Project is updated.
Query Search Projects Updates a board.
Action Create Project Creates a new Project.
Action Update Project Updates a Project.
Action Look Up a Project Look up a Project by Project ID.
Action Fetch a Linked Project Fetches a linked Project.
Companies (Vendors)    
Trigger Company (Vendor) Created Triggers when a new Company (Vendor) is created
Trigger Company (Vendor) Updated Triggers when a Company (Vendor) is updated
Trigger Company (Vendor) Removed From Project Triggers when a Company (Vendor) is removed from project
Action Create Company (Vendor) Creates a Company (Vendor).
Action Update Company (Vendor) Updates a Company (Vendor).
Action Add Company (Vendor) To Project Adds a Company (Vendor) to Project.
Action Remove Company (Vendor) From Project Removes a Company (Vendor) from Project.
Action Fetch a Linked Directory -Vendors Fetches a linked Directory - Vendor.
Action Look Up a Company (Vendor) Looks up a Company (Vendor).
Query Search Companies (Vendors) Searches Companies (Vendors)
Trigger User Created Triggers when a new User is created
Trigger User Updated Triggers when a User is updated
Trigger User Removed From Project Triggers when a User is removed from project
Action Create User Creates a User.
Action Update User Updates a User.
Action Add User To Project Adds a User to a Project.
Action Invite User Sends an invite email to User
Action Remove User From Project Removes a User from a Project.
Action Set User Project Permission Template Sets User’s Project Permission Template.
Action Fetch Linked User Fetches a linked User.
Action Look Up a User Looks up a User.
Query Search Users Searches Users based on search criteria.
Query Search Company Roles Searches all Company Roles.
Query Search Project Roles Searches all Project Roles
Trigger RFI Created Triggers when a new RFI is created
Trigger RFI Updated Triggers when an RFI is updated
Trigger RFI Reply Updated Triggers when an RFI Reply is updated
Trigger RFI Replied Triggers when an RFI gets replied
Query Search RFIs Searches all RFIs based on search criteria.
Action Create RFI Creates an RFI.
Action Look Up an RFI Looks up an RFI.
Action Update RFI Updates an RFI.
Action Fetch a Linked RFI Fetched a linked RFI.
Query Search Budget Line Items Searches all Budget Line Items based on search criteria.
Action Add a Budget Line Item Adds a Budget Line Item.
Action Look Up a Budget Line Item Looks Up a Budget Line Item.
Action Update a Budget Line Item Updates a Budget Line Item.
Action Add a Budget Line Modification Adds a Budget Modification.
Action Look Up a Budget Line Modification Looks up a Budget Line Modification.
Action Update a Budget Line Modification Updates a Budget Line Modification.
Action Delete a Budget Line Modification Deletes a Budget Modification.
Action Lock a Project Budget Locks a Project Budget.
Action Unlock a Project Budget Unlocks a Project Budget.
Action Check Project Budget Checks Project Budget.
Company Offices    
Query Search Company Offices Searches all Company Offices based on search criteria.
Action Create Company Office Creates Company Office.
Action Update Company Office Updates Company Office.
Action Delete Company Office Deletes Company Office.
Action Fetch a Linked Company Office Fetches a Linked Company Office.
Action Look Up a Company Office Looks up a Company Office.
Action Create Submittal Creates a submittal
Action Update Submittal Updates specified Submittal
Action Update Submittal Approver Updates Approver or Submitter for the specified Submittal.
Action Deletes Submittal Deletes specified Submittal
Query Search Submittals Searches for Submittals that have not been deleted.
Action Look Up a Submittal Looks up a Submittal by ID
Trigger File Created Triggers when a new file is created in the selected account and project
Trigger File Updated Triggers when an existing file is updated in the selected account and project
Trigger File Deleted Triggers when an existing file is deleted in the selected account and project
Action Create a File Version Creates a new version of a specified file
Action Update a File Updates the specified file
Action Delete a file Deletes the specified file
Action Upload a file Uploads the specified file
Query Search files Returns a list of files based on search criteria
Action Fetch a Linked File Fetches a linked file based on specific criteria
Action Look up a file Returns one file based on search criteria


The Procore API rate limits to 3,600 requests per hour. The rate limit resets every hour. There are three important response headers returned when making a request to the Procore API.

Note: The rate limit headers get returned only when using a Production Procore account (making requests to https://api.procore.com/rest/v1.0).

Explanation Header
X-Rate-Limit-Limit The total number of requests per 60 minute window.
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining The number of requests you are allowed to make in the current 60 minute window.
X-Rate-Limit-Reset The Unix timestamp for when the next window begins.

For example:

X-Rate-Limit-Limit: 3600
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: 3599
X-Rate-Limit-Reset: 1466182244

When you exceed the rate limit, the client will receive a 429 status code. The rate limit headers will still be present. The response body will contain the following message.

You have surpassed the max number of requests for an hour. Please wait until your limit resets.

Use case examples

The following are some examples of using the Procore channel.

Syncing projects in Procore and Projects table in Quickbase

In this use case we want to create a dependency between a Procore project and a record in Quickbase. When you update the project in Procore, the record in Quickbase will also be updated. You can create the opposite workflow with a similar pipeline starting with a trigger step in Quickbase.

Prerequisite: you have to create a link between Procore projects and the corresponding records in the Projects table in Quickbase in a separate pipeline.

  1. We add a trigger step for Project update in Procore:
  2. Next, we fetch the linked record in Quickbase. The Resource is populated with the project from the previous step. Also, select the Projects table containing records corresponding to Procore projects.
  3. Finally, we add an Update Record step and for Record choose the one from the previous step. Select the desired fields to be updated and fill with the values from the trigger step (Step A).

Result: The records of the Quickbase Projects table now have the same values as the Procore projects.