Scheduling pipelines

You can schedule pipelines that do not contain a trigger step. Your scheduled pipeline will run at the intervals you choose.

Note: When you are adding a new pipeline, you can set up your schedule after you've added your first step, completed the required fields, and the pipeline is valid.

To schedule a pipeline:

  1. Select Schedule pipeline from within the pipeline or from the three dot menu on the My pipelines page. If your pipeliine can not be scheduled, this option will not display.

  2. Select hour, day, week, month or year from the drop-down and specify the units.
    Note: Scheduled time is based on the timezone you select. Your pipeline will run within a few minutes of the scheduled time.

  3. Click the CRON tab to enter your schedule in the CRON format for more flexibility. For more information about the CRON format see About CRON.

  4. Click Schedule to save your entries.

Note: You can turn off without clearing your schedule.